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Customize Rotary Drum Dryers for drying Residues, price negotiable

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰ZJN
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 350000 / SET
Minimum Order︰1 SET
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Product Description

We have engineered a new-type rotary dryer that can treat 100+ tons of medicine residues a day
About us:

ZJN environment protection technology company manufactures industry-specific heavy-duty low-consumption dryers widely used to dry,calcine,mill, grind, granulate, coat, de-volume and de-toxin wood chips(for bio-fuel), sawdust, sand, fertilizer, chemicals, kitchen leftovers, paper making pulp, animal feed, sludge in electroplating, leather, textile,printing and dyeing, coal mining and pharmaceutics,brewing, starch processing, biological fermentation, sewage, and hazardous metals, sweet potato residue, vinasse, bean dregs, medicine dregs, coal slime, lignite and others.

1. More than 30 years' experience.

2. We are the leading professional supplier of drying equipments and service for drying equipment industry.

3. All products achieved ISO9001:2008 quality management certificate and EU CE certificate.

Quality First, First Rate Service: strict quality control always, highly-trained personnel for all-round aftersales service.Three Guarantees policy for all our products.Our state-of-the-art design and strict quality control ensure reliable product quality.

Advantage of Rotary Dryer
(1). High production capacity
(2). Lower consumption and operation cost
(3) . Capable to dry different kinds of product
(4) . Stable operation
(5) . Uniform dried product
(6). Both dryer and calciner, operation Temp. Up to 1000°C
(7 ). Heat source can be steam, electricity, coal, natural gas etc.

Techs details:

1. Buy China ZJN "Rotary-harrow Material-crushing" rotary dryer to treat medicine residues

Because Chinese medicine residues contain crude fat, amino acids, crude fiber and other nutrients, pharmaceutical companies can use our rotary dryers to process medicine residues into products for resale, which not only protects the environment, saves resources, but also brings about good socio-economic benefits. And China ZJN rotary dryer is an important device to promote the utilization of medicine residue. It is used widely in processing medicine residue, and it plays an essential role. At present, more and more pharmaceutical companies choose to adopt our rotary dryers to treat medicine residue.

The basic principle of the traditional rotary dryer is to have hot air in contact with the material, and then repeatedly lift and drop the material under the action of the inner plate of the drum to increase the area of contact between the material and the hot air to complete the heat transfer. The material is sent out by the feeder.

Zhen Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. has done more in-depth research on the basis of traditional dryers. After more than 30 years of toiling, it has successfully innovated the "Rotary-harrow Material-crushing Triple-phase Multi-loop" and "low temperature and speedy flue" series of rotary dryers. The integrated design enables the amount of hot air and the temperature to be adjusted according to the fluctuation of the moisture content of wet materials. Each moisture content is subject to its corresponding temperature and flue speed, so that the material is always placed in the ideal drying ambience, making China ZJN rotary dryers the ideal machine for processing medicine residues. The new rotary dryer is of low energy consumption and high efficiency, so its comprehensive economic benefits are three to four times over ordinary dryers.

2.Seaweed is known for its culinary uses and has seen a renaissance in the past few years.In addition to its health claims and a distinctive taste, there are more ecological benefits of seaweed.However, currently the eco-potential of seaweed remains untapped.

The primary reason for seaweed farming right now is for bioenergy research projects funded by the CN.Although already widely used in food, marine scientists believe this demand will grown quickly over the next few years.

Extract of seaweed is found in a huge number of products, and some people are hard pushed to avoid it altogether.However, seaweed is  beneficial to health and energy-based potential hidden in seaweed remains unlocked.

A report by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) suggests that large-scale seaweed farms in the CN could become an important source for biofuels. It's local, sustainable and natural, and macroalgae doesn't compete for land and freshwater for food crops. Seaweed boasts high productivity and the potential for CN production is great.

Currently its uses for cosmetics and fertilisers are being used fairly widely, whereas seaweeds for biomass, bioremediation and for animal feeds are on the increase. Other uses for seaweed biomass, including production of ethanol or bioenergy through thermal conversion are in their infancy in terms of research.So, do contact me for the details of a seaweed dryer at affordable prices and dimensions to ramp up your output and income while protecting the environment.

Payment Terms︰TT/LC/DP/DA
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