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China ZJN Environment Protection Science&Technology Company Co.ltd. has been focusing on drying technologies for more than 30 years, with over 100 patents, techonological knowhows, money-saving turnkey solutions and consultancy.China ZJN Rotary Dryers manufactures many applications to support partners for their drying sands, limestone, stone and soil, and ores in the mineral industry, fertilizers, wood chips(for bio-fuel),coal slime,iron sulphate, filter cakes, sewage sludge, etc.China ZJN Rotary Drum Dryers can also be applied on food industry mainly for removing water content, recycling liquids as well as for granular material such as food grains, cereals, pulses,coffee beans, fermented tea leaves, etc.Our filter helps remove metal from soil.All our products can be custom designed to meet client's specifics.
China ZJN also manufactures industry-specific, heavy-duty, low-consumption, compact Rotary Drum Dryers widely used to dry,calcine,mill,grind, granulate, coat, de-volume and de-toxin sawdust, sand, chemicals, alkalis, acids, kitchen leftovers, paper making pulp, animal feed, sludges in electroplating, leather, textile, printing and dyeing, coal mining and pharmaceutics, vinasse, starch, fermentation slag, and hazardous metals, sweet potato residue, bean dregs, medicine dregs, lignite and others.

Quality products:Quality First, First Rate Service;strict quality control always.Our state-of-the-art design and strict quality control ensures reliable product quality.Three Guarantees policy for all our products, highly-trained personnel for all-round aftersales service.


1.More than 30 years' experience.

2. We are the leading professional supplier of drying equipments and service for drying equipment industry.

3. All products achieved ISO9001:2008 quality management certificate and EU CE certificate.

Advantages of China ZJN Rotary Drum Dryers

(1). High production capacity
(2). Lower consumption and operation cost.
(3). Capable to dry different kinds of product.
(4). Stable operation
(5). Uniform dried product
(6). Both dryer and calciner, operation Temp. Up to 1000°C
(7). Heat source can be steam, electricity, coal, natural gas etc.

(8). Mimimum off-gas emission

(9). Water recycling


100+ tons output per day; heating cost down 40%-60%;manufacturing fee down 20%; power bill down 30%; drying speed 

up 3 times

Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash;

Port:Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian

Products and services:

I. Industrial dryers, drying instrument&devices, drying equipment, drying machines&tools,drying systems, 

solutions, such as

a.Rotary drum dryers:

drum dryers, rotary dryers: liquor/alcohol (ethanol) lees dryers,alkli drum dryers;municipal sludge drum dryer, coal drum dryer, sand dryers, sawdust dryer, oil dryer, bagasse dryer, casava dryer, vinasse dryer, biomass dyer, 

waste feed dryer,  sand drum dryer, pulp drum dryer, coke drum dryer, slag drum dryer, wood chips drum dryer, organic fertilizer drum dryer, beer grains dryer, animal feed dryer, wood chips dryer, sawdust dryer, lignite drum dryer, slime drum dryer, fertilizer dryer; slag dryer, pharmacy residues dryer;food waste dryer, food waste dehydrators, pomace dryer, coconut coir dryer, paddle dryer, Industrial vacuum dryer, solid wastes dryer,animal manure dryer,bagasse dryer, brewery grains/starch residues dryer, distiller's grains dryer, animal feed/silage dryer, coal slime dryer, sewage dryer, mineral wastes/slags drying, oil sludge dryer, metal sludge dryer, chemical sludge dryer, tannery sludge dryer, dyeing sludge dryer, papermaking sludge dryers, pharmaceutical powder dryer;

b.paddle dryers;

c.vaccum dryers;

d.fluidized bed;

e.drying kiln,calcinator or calciner: rotary kiln dryer.

II. Formation equipment: pelletizer, granulator;grates.

III. Spare parts: toxin separators, metal separators, bag filters,  hoppers, scrubbers, lifters, mixers, boiler furnaces, conveyors, dischargers.

IV. Services: manufacturing-ralated PLC programming, commissioning, pilot testing, troubleshooting, and consultancy.
Company Address :Room 1006, Constructon Tech Park Mansion, Zhongwei Road, Yingbin Avenue, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province
ZIP/Postal code:454003
Fax: 86-391-7557555
Contact Person:Hita (Foreign Sales)
Email:1154390267@qq.com;   hitazjn@gmail.com
My websites:https://rotarydrumdryer.diytrade.com/

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