Rotary dryers to Humid&Viscous Sludge

Rotary dryers to Humid&Viscous Sludge

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Brand Name︰ZJN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 450000 / SET

Minimum Order︰1 SET

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Product Description

ZJN environment protection technology company manufactures industry-specific heavy-duty low-consumption dryers widely used to dry,calcine,mill, grind, granulate, coat, de-volume and de-toxin wood chips(for bio-fuel), sawdust, sand, fertilizer, chemicals, kitchen leftovers, paper making pulp, animal feed, sludge in electroplating, leather, textile,printing and dyeing, coal mining and pharmaceutics,brewing, starch processing, biological fermentation, sewage, and hazardous metals, sweet potato residue, vinasse, bean dregs, medicine dregs, coal slime, lignite and others.

More than 30 years' experience.

2. We are the leading professional supplier of drying equipments and service for drying equipment industry.

3. All products achieved ISO9001:2008 quality management certificate and EU CE certificate.

Quality First, First Rate Service: strict quality control always, highly-trained personnel for all-round aftersales service.Three Guarantees policy for all our products.Our state-of-the-art design and strict quality control ensure reliable product quality.

Advantage of Rotary Dryer
(1). High production capacity
(2). Lower consumption and operation cost
(3) . Capable to dry different kinds of product
(4) . Stable operation
(5) . Uniform dried product
(6). Both dryer and calciner, operation Temp. Up to 1000°C
(7 ). Heat source can be steam, electricity, coal, natural gas etc.

Techs details:
Oil sludge refers to the general term for the hazardous solid waste consisting primarily of petroleum components formed in the petroleum extraction, smelting, storage, and transportation processes in petrochemical industry. Its main components are crude oil, refined oil,  and silt.

Due to the hazardous characteristics of oily sludge, for harmless disposal and resource utilization of oily sludge, it is necessary to abide by the requirements of the “Environmental Prevention and Control Law for Solid Waste Sludge” and the “Administrative Measures for the Operational License for Hazardous Wastes”, and to deal with hazardous waste by holding a business licenses.

Our dryer are specifically designed to separate your toxin in oil sludge, so as to reuse the disposal materials.So, buy a processing line and market your disposals.

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